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5 Ways of Marijuana Consumption and Why You Need to Try Them All

Written by If you have ever smoked marijuana before, you can vividly remember that first huge puff of that joint or hit of that bong. You took a deep breath in anticipation of getting in as much of that herbal goodness as possible, and then it happened. You took too big a hit and your throat feels like it is on fire. Now your throat is raw, you back off from the pipe, and you have a coughing fit until the pain subsides. This scenario plays out today for all those new pot smokers and lives forever in the memories of those veterans who love to tell stories of the days they first got high.


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Fast forward to the new pot smokers of this year, and they tell stories of the first time they got high with marijuana consumption. These savvy weed smokers don't like the smoke associated with marijuana, so rather than compromise the health of their lungs, they have found several other options for getting high. If you are interested in some creative ways to get high without smoking your weed, here are the top 5 methods of marijuana consumption and why you need to try them all.

1. Dabbing Your Weed

Dabbing is not the pose that football players are making after they score a touchdown, dabbing is a creative method of flash-vaporization in which your weed are dropped on a heated water-pipe and inhaled for potent effects.

Attached to the water-pipe is a metallic nail or glass that is heated by way of a butane torch. This has become a very popular marijuana consumption method because that refined concentrate offers users a clean material-free experience. This is certainly a great option for veterans of smoking weed who want to get the power of the weed in their system quickly.


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2. Marijuana Vaporizing

Not to be confused with dabbing, you do not need a torch to enjoy the powerful THC benefits. With vaporizing, you are heating the marijuana compounds at a much lower temperature that results is a smoother tasting weed. Much easier on a person's lungs, the table-top vaporizer offers a nice quality vapor that has advanced temperature settings. These small hand-held vaporizers allow you to smoke your weed on the go, offering you a unique smoke-free way to get high quickly and safely. Of all the marijuana consumption methods, vaporizing is extremely popular today with the new weed smokers. Smoke shops are packed with cool and discreet vaporizers that can slip right in your coat pocket for easy concealment.

3. Weed Edibles

People have been eating weed in one form or another forever. As far back as many pot smokers can recall, they tell tales of baking their weed in brownies and getting baked on those delicious treats. Today, many pot smokers have made the switch to marijuana edibles because it is light on their throat, easy on their lungs, and cheaper than buying a device to heat up your stash. Cannabis-infused foods and drinks are all the rage today, allowing anyone to make your own recipes or simply visit one of a number of dispensaries or retail shops that sell infused lemonade or roasted garlic crackers. Regardless if you are a veteran or a rookie to smoking weed, you must start with a very low dose and be extremely patient. Because everyone has a unique digestive process, these marijuana edibles take longer to kick in and could result in intensely psychoactive effects. Everybody needs to have their limits.

4. Herbal Topical Treatments

Leave it to the potheads to develop a unique way to get all the benefits of smoking weed without actually smoking or eating your stash. If you are not yet familiar with topicals, they simply are cannabis-infused balms and lotions applied directly to your skin for localized relief of soreness, pain, and inflammation. However, that is not the only benefits of these topicals, they can also me used to treat symptoms without all the psychoactive effects you get from smoking, dabbing, or vaporizing your weed. If you must have a clear-headed and need to forgo that euphoric high, topicals are definitely the way to go.


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5. Cannabis Ingestible Oils

If you are looking to enjoy the powerful effects of cannabis without smoking, here is another marijuana consumption method you must try to believe. Cannabis ingestible oils are simply any marijuana concentrate taken orally. These usually come in plastic applicators or capsules, and can be consumed as they are or added with your food or drink. Just like the weed edibles, these ingestible oils can induce extremely powerful effects that take just a short while to kick in, so it is very important to be mindful of your dose. There you have it folks, the top 5 methods of marijuana consumption and why you need to try them all! Now that you're familiar with all the options, pick up the materials you will need and try them all this month.

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