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How to Create An Appealing Cannabis Website

With nearly half of U.S. small businesses not having a website, it seems unimaginable that these companies haven't drawn their last breath yet. After all, the Internet has come a long way from being an innovation to becoming a part of our everyday lives.

As a business owner of a cannabis dispensary, you are likely seeking new and, at the same time, affordable opportunities to gather more clients around your business. What you cannot afford is the lack of a neat, well-thought, and user-friendly web design. However, sometimes you may not have the know-how to establish the extended version of your virtual business card, and there is nothing worse than shooting blinds when investing money in your company.

Fear not! Whether you're a self-taught man and you like to keep matters in your own hands, or you're considering hiring a cannabis marketing agency, this quick guideline will help you understand the basics of an appealing cannabis website.

First things first: BRANDING

The vast majority of marijuana businesses chooses to pick various versions of the green cannabis leaf as their logo. Unfortunately, a sheer cannabis leaf won't make you stand out from the crowd, so you should think of your target. Are you a medical cannabis dispensary? If the answer is yes, consider the typeface that is both unique and appropriate for your potential customers. Aside from conveying the relevant message, your logo should be versatile; keep in mind that you will also market your business on platforms other than websites, so having a versatile image of your company is a dead giveaway.

Keep the design cohesive and user-friendly

Cannabis Marketing

It's believed that if you don't leave a positive impression on your visitors in the initial 5 seconds, they will most likely hit the back button, which will result in a higher bounce rate, which is one of the statistics you don't want to keep high. Thus, it's of utmost importance that you take care of the User Experience. This includes following elements:

-       Colors: keep them in a palette that is similar to the one of your logo. For a cannabis business, you will most likely go with various shades of green and such hues that will complement the overall design.

-       Navigation: The header should be a static element of your web design, as the most important tabs are kept there. Also, the text column must be the center of your consumers' attention. So while having a sidebar on the main page is completely fine, its appearance near the product description or an article on your blog will keep people distracted. Last but not least, the footer is where you're going to put all other details, such as the hours of work, a newsletter form, or social media icons. To cut the long story short, put yourself in the shoes of your users and design the navigation with their experience in mind.

-       Fonts: Gone are the times of flamboyant fonts on websites. They serve no actual purpose and their decorative value is highly disputable. It's better to make it simple and consistent throughout the page. After all, the text is a significant part of your website's volume.

-       Simplicity: Don't make your website a Christmas tree. Always strive for achieving the balance between the appeal and functionality. It's easy to go overboard with various knick-knacks, but it's difficult to make a second good impression.

-       Visuals: For your products, it's best to hire a professional photographer and, if you use images available on the web for your articles, make sure they are of the top-notch quality.

Now, enough of the lightweight stuff. Let's focus on some less obvious yet still critical features of an appealing cannabis website.

Optimize the loading time of your page

I bet you've come across websites that granted you with the courtesy of making a morning cup of coffee before it finally loaded. Don't do that to your users. Always aim for the least codes possible, optimize your images and, as mentioned before, don't overload your website with unnecessary visuals.

Don't limit yourself to the desktop

In 2016, mobile usage overcame desktop for the first time. Most of the contemporary users are on the move and they adjust every habit to their lifestyles. Guess what? Browsing websites is no different! Such a phenomenon is a fuel for responsive web design so that your customers are as pleased with their mobile experience, as they are with using your page on desktops. By thinking ahead you're investing in the future and now, with all the signs on the World Wide Web, responsive is the new black.

Cannabis Marketing

Make sure the Call-To-Action button is noticeable

Whether you run a cannabis dispensary that offers delivery or you want to provide your readers with a free e-book to broaden their knowledge about the subject presented on your website, it is essential to make the CTA button visible yet not assaulting. If you look at any successful e-commerce businesses, you will notice that their CTA buttons are well-placed and convey the message adequate to the offer.

Update the content

While it may not be obvious at first glance, content is a huge part of your website's design. Your customers and readers want to feel that you care, and there is no better way to prove it than updating the content. Be regular, consistent, and if you can't update the core of your page, do it through your social media channels. Remember to implement specific widgets for your Facebook, Twitter, and other means through which you keep your clients updated about any significant changes.

Include testimonials

You may feel tempted to go overboard with the testimonials but, for your own good, include only real ones. Don't make up some fake personas, because today, you can verify everything you see on the Internet. Also, place the testimonials section somewhere between the main column and your footer.

These are the deciding factors when it comes to creating an appealing cannabis website. Although there is a lot more to learn, you can use them to get the general glimpse of the website building strategy. It will help you choose the best cannabis marketing agency and leave you with a clear conscience that you have spent the money in the best possible way.

What about you? Do you know any awesome tips & tricks for creating an appealing cannabis website? Have you implemented such strategies in your business?

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