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7 Reasons Why A Mobile Friendly Website Design is of Paramount Importance To the Cannabis Industry

With the vast majority of people constantly on the run, every business should keep up with the pace of their lives. Mobile devices turned our lifestyles upside down, from the way we work, play, and connect with other people. Since all the signs point to industries turning to smart technologies, I'm going to introduce you to 7 reasons why establishing a responsive website design will influence your digital marketing strategies, especially when it comes to the cannabis industry.

1.  Mobile is growing faster than a well-nourished cannabis plant

According to Mary Janez Brand, up to 80% of local mobile searches result in purchases. Given that more than one fifth of Google searches is performed via mobile devices, one simply cannot walk on by such measures. Moreover, the most important search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are investing tons of money in the mobile industry. Should that not suffice, let me take you on a quick trip around other mobile-related statistics:

-       In 2015, mobile internet usage overtook desktop usage.

-       In the United States alone, 25% of Internet enthusiasts get connected only via a mobile device.

-       Half of all local searches were performed on a smartphone or tablet in 2012.

-       40% of people bounce from a page that is not mobile-friendly, even if it's one of the top search results.

Now, speaking of bouncing from one's page, let's take a peek at another essential advantage of a mobile-friendly website.


2. Mobile gives you enhanced User Experience

They say that a chance to make a good first impression is given to you only once. Well, I couldn't agree more! I mean, how many times did you leave the desired page because you had to zoom it in and out constantly, moving your fingers around the screen like a lunatic just to see the necessary information? It's believed that 48% of people say that even if they are fond of a company, they will give up on leaving their mark on their website if it remains only desktop-adjusted. If you compare this fact with the data from IBMCommerce's Black Friday report for 2015, where it occurred that mobile sales took over 75% of the whole sales' pie, just imagine your conversion rates when your website is not a mobile-friendly one. Or, for your own good, don't do it - you'll suffer from instant depression.

3. Google LOVES mobile

Comscore has it that Google won 63,7% of the search market share in 2016. Although it's slightly less than in 2013 (with a 67% of the market share), Google remains a prevalent tool in the World Wide Web. There are many reasons why this search engine prefers responsive design, one of which is its efficiency for the Google's indexation. In addition, the tool considers responsive websites faster and easier to organize their online content in the Search Console. Last but not least, in 2015, Google released their mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, which was a huge blow to companies without a responsive design, not to mention that those who took care of their mobile-friendly websites were highly rewarded for thinking ahead.

4. Mobile equals better conversion

As an entrepreneur, you want your business to thrive, and with the ongoing growth of mobile usage, you will be focused on maximizing your online sales. If you run, say, a cannabis dispensary that provides online delivery, you will be looking for ways to squeeze the most of the opportunities provided by the mobile-friendly web design. However, most people won't even complete a signup form if they have to run a finger-marathon over their smartphone's or tablet's screen to insert all the information, let alone going through the unoptimized checkout process. That being said, if you want your prospective clients to convert, give them a simple and pleasant experience on your website!

5. Mobile makes you stand out in a crowd

Despite the almost overwhelming popularity of mobile devices, only 56% online businesses use mobile-friendly web design. It's like with lawyers and managers back in the late 90s; the number of responsive websites outnumbers their "outdated" counterparts, but the niche is not bursting at the seams yet. This may be your last chance to make your cannabis business unique and gain trust amongst the community.

6. Mobile gives you local attention

Your potential clients are somewhere on the Internet; unfortunately for you, the Internet is quite a vast space, so without proper mobile marketing you may end up being difficult to find for people. Let them get to your front door by optimizing tools like Google Maps to turn traffic into real customers. Such actions will include easily accessible information, such as "Hours of Operations", "Discounts", "Find Us", etc. To cut the long story short, a mobile-friendly website is an ace up in your sleeve to turn a local lead into a local sale.

7. Mobile saves time

I may repeat myself, but if you adjust your business to the pace of your customers' lives, it's all the better. People are on the go constantly, and they're handling their matters the same way. Besides, nobody has the time and strength to carry two or three different devices on the road when they can conduct their businesses with a smartphone, right? Read your clients' minds, meet their demands, and you'll end up with a win-win situation.

Just be friendly… mobile friendly!

To wrap it up, I should say that a mobile-friendly website is without a doubt of paramount importance for the cannabis industry - the above reasons leave no stone unturned.If you're an owner of a neat, UX-oriented page, you may consider yourself safe. If not, remember that there are still 44% of businesses without such a solution. You can either have your share in decreasing this number, or you may very well turn away business and money due to the lack of investment in a mobile-friendly copy.

To borrow from Mortal Combat's most iconic slogan, choose your destiny!

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